Jade Regent

The Brinewall Legacy Session Two

A Perspective from Behind the Screen

DM: Mike
Players: Alex (Henric), Amy (Lucha), Holly (Oparal) and Rick (Wiglaf)

The party spends the night in the home of Walthus Proudstump, but it is an uneasy night filled with the sounds of the swamp, the constant presence of Walthus’ snakes, and the mischief wreaked by the spirit haunting Lucha. In the morning, they head into the swamp as Walthus leads them to the first of the shipwrecks. Nothing remains except a burned out shell, but a search of the area reveals a burnt portion of the nameplate with a partial name: …jitsu Star, and a plethora of goblin tracks heading to the east, where Walthus says the Licktoad Village lies.

The party makes there way towards the second shipwreck, but while crossing one of the rivers are attacked by a crocodile. They crocodile is upon them before they can fully react, and Henric is bitten and pulled under in a death roll. He seems still and lifeless as the party dispatches of the crocodile, but begins to sputter, choke, and breath as a butterfly alight upon him, and then flies off. Surely he has been touched by Desna as he has some destiny waiting him. Lucha skins the gator, and Walthus harvests the meat for his larder.

At the second ship, Wiglaf climbs atop the wreck, and they find its nameplate intact, the Kaijistsu Blossom, but just as Wiglaf says the name Kaijitsu aloud, three skeletal forms emerge from the muck and attack the rest of the party. They are garbed in armor and armed with weapons of Tien origin. Lucha channels the power of her patron gods and spirits and a wave of purifying light destroys these undead monstrosities.

They find the ship has been looted, and the tracks seem to head back towards the Licktoad Village. After Walthus prepares a meal of croc kabobs with veggies, they decide to head back to Walthus’ home and seek out the goblin village the next day. When they arrive at Walthus’ cottage, they find a watery footprint on the porch, which they recognize as being similar ot that they found on a bridge the previous day. Walthus tells them it belongs to the Soggy River Monster, and he has seen the prints before. Wiglaf leads a search of the house, but no sign of an intruder or any forced entry was found. They eat and retire for the evening.

In the morning Walthus leads them to the abandoned palisades that the Licktoads built their village in. Walthus chooses to remain outside, but Wiglaf boldly leads the party inside the pallisades through a ruined gate, and they soon discover a small group of goblins in a watchtower. A second group of goblins joins the fray, but the party manages to make quick work of both groups. They hear a number of goblins scurrying about and hear a banging and cries in goblinish. Lucha translates for the party-they seem to be calling to someone named Gutwad to let them in. Lucha tells them Scribbleface mentioned Gutwad as being the Licktoad chief. Wiglaf leads a charge against these goblins who are gathered in front of a barred door. At the sight of the party, the goblins scream and scatter trying to escape, leaping off the elevated walkway. Many escape, but a few manage to break legs in the fall and lie in pain on the ground.

Lucha tires to bluff their way inside, but Oparal manages to lift the bar. The party confronts chief Gutwad and his three remaining bodyguards, and emerge victorious. They gather what spoils they can, but clues found including a crude map, tracks, and the accounts of the fallen goblins they interrogated before sanctioning them, fill them in on what happened-they looted treasure from the Kaijitsu Star but the dead rose up to reclaim the treasure, and all indicators point to a series of caverns as the lair of the undead and where the Kaijitsu treasure has been taken. Wanting to fulfill their promise to Ameiko, they decide to head out for the caverns.




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