Welcome to our Jade Regent Campaign Resource. We will use this over the life of the campaign as a tool to keep track of adventure logs, important NPCs plot points, etc. Players should feel free to add whatever material they feel is needed or wanted.

If you’re just joining, check out the Wiki and Adventure log, there is already material there-notes on the 4 NPCs from Sandpoint,the house rules document and a recap of We Be Goblins.

Included among the adventure logs will be editions of the Sandpoint Chronicles, a one sheet newspaper published by Harry Butternose, a rather annoying gnome newsman borrowed from other campaigns and a distant relative of one of Amy’s former characters. Harry has been the animus behind the Altham Annals, the Tantalus Tribune and the Caspagarde Courant (which you never got to see), so Harry gets around in all my campaigns. (Though rumor has it that there is more than one Harry, some say he was one of a litter of septuplet gnomes, others say there was only one but his inquisitive nature ran him afoul of some wizard who cursed him, but the curse backfired and mingled with a clone spell resulting in multiple Harry Butternoses running around the universe,each as annoyingly inquisitive as the others. What is the truth is yet to be determined, but if anyone can find out it is Harry himself, for remember Harry’s catchphrase-“I’ve got a nose for news”).

The Chronicles will flesh out rumors and points of interest between sessions or adventures to build the world of our Jade Regent campaign, and I have a sneaking suspicion Harry may find a way onto the caravan when it leaves, he seems to have Jack’s own luck at times.

The current party is still coming together as we move towards our first regular session after the we be goblins prologue. As it stands now we have…

Henric Sands-elementalist fire wizard, foster son of Koya Mvashti. (played by Alex)

Wiglaf Kinamura (also called Wolf-fang)-a fighter of Tien and Linnorm descent with the (homebrewed) bladedancer archetype. He has a crush on Ameiko Kaijitsu (played by Rick)

Lucha Rhysdottir-double cursed oracle and grandaughter of Koya, she has been “adopted” by Sandru Vhiski as a little sister (played by Amy)

Oparal Greenleaf, an elven rogue once rescued by Shalelu (played by Holly)

The campaign open on Moonday, the 21st of Neth 4711 AR with the 4 PCs accompanying Sandru and Koya on a caravan bound for Magnimar where Sandru plans to spend the winter a she normally does, when something unusual happens on the caravan path…

Jade Regent

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