Jade Regent

The Brinewall Legacy Session One
A Perspective from Behind the Screen

DM: Mike
Players: Alex (Henric), Amy (Lucha), Holly (Oparal), and Rick (Wiglaf)

The campaign opens on 21 Neth 4711 AR. Sandru Vhsiki is making his last caravan trek off the year to winter in Magnimar. Accompanying him is his foster mother Koya Mvashti, her young ward Henric Sands (human wizard), and her granddaughter, a Sandru’s adopted little sister Lucha Rhysdottir (human oracle). Aside from his two regular drivers, Sandru has hired two additional guards for the journey, Oparal Greenleef (elven rogue), a young elven woman recommended to him by Shalelu, and Wiglaf Kinamura (human fighter w/homebrew bladedancer archetype), a young warrior of Ulfen/Tien descent that was recommended to him by Ameiko Kaijitsu.

On the third day from Sandpoint on their trek, they see and hear several explosions, flashes of light, and plumes of smoke rising form the trail ahead. Sandru calls a halt to the caravan as they approach. They see two overturned wagon ablaze, and hear the tortured screams of someone begging for mercy and several shouts in goblin.

Sandru sends Henric, Wiglaf and Oparal to investigate while he consults with Koya. Lucha, ever curious joins the three while Sandru and Koya are distracted. They approach the wagons and discover a halfling being held down by a pair of goblins Poog of Zarontel and Mogmurch), while a goblin couple (Chuffy Lickwound and Gupy Wartbits) looms over the halfling having just cut off a pair of his toes. The halfling screams in pain begging for mercy. Another goblin female (Reta) watches over a goblin who is bound and gagged with brands on his face (Scribbleface). The party quickly dispatches with the goblin raiders and rescues the halfling-one Lorne Jamison the now defunct caravan’s cook, and the bound goblin Scribbleface, whom Lucha recognizes as a goblin named Ponzer she befriended nearly a year ago and taught how to read and write in exchange for his knowledge of herbs and plants in the Brinestump Marsh.

Scribbleface begs for mercy claiming none of the troubles are his fault but are Kaijitsu’s fault. Recognizing the name, the party pushes him to say more and he says it is fault of two ships named Kaijistsu in swamp that goblins have fireworks, steal treasure and cause dead to walk. After looting the fallen goblins, the party tells Sandru what Scribbleface said, and he questions the goblin himself, getting little more out of him. Sandru decides this is information that Ameiko should have immediately, and turns the caravan around to return to Sandpoint.

It is two days back to Sandpoint, and as the party camps the first night, Scribbleface brains Lorne and tries to sneak out of the camp while Oparal is on watch. He sneaks past her, but Oparal is startled by the sound of a bowstring twanging, an arrow flying and a goblin screaming is surprise and pain as it dies. Oparal turns to see Scribbleface pinned to a wagon by an arrow through his throat and Shalelu emerging from the shadows. Shalelu tells Oparal that she had been tracking the raiders who attacked the caravan and came across their party’s handywork in defeating them. She hands Oparal a string of goblin ears from the goblin’s they defeated and tells Oparal that Sheriff Hemlock has instituted a goblin bounty in Sandpoint and that she can collect on those ears. Oparal awakes Sandru as Shalelu cuts off Scribbleface’s ear and adds it to the string of ears for Oparal. Shalelu and Sandru have a brief discussion and Oparal wakes Lucha to tend to poor Lorne the Unlucky halfling cook.

The next day they arrive back in Sandpoint, and Sandru tells the others to meet him later for dinner at the Rusty Dragon but he must take care of the caravan. Shalelu takes her leave as well, telling the others she will meet them for dinner as well. The party has some time and disposes of the loot they found on the goblins and the salvage from the lost caravan that Sandru awarded them and collect their bounty from the sheriff.

They gather at the Rusty Dragon that evening and share a meal on Ameiko who is thrilled by the news they bring about Kaijitsu shipwrecks. She said she once overheard her father speak of family lost in a shipwreck when she was quite small but he refused to talk about it whenever she asked him about it. She asks the party if they would be willing to seek out those wrecks in the swam and find the village of the goblins who raided the wrecks and took the treasure. She would go, but there is something keeping her in town and cannot go. Sandru does not want Lucha to go, but Wiglaf, Koya and Shalelu convince him otherwise. They take up Ameiko’s offer, and she pays them 50 gp up front, another 50 gp upon their return and a commission on any heirlooms of nformation about the Kaijitsus they can find. Any goblin ears they collect or other treasure they find is theirs.

Koya tells them that Desna is guiding their fate and destiny has something in store for them. She takes out a deck of sacred fortune cards and does a reading for them before they depart. It is an auspicious reading but hints that forces beyond their control will intervene is events that lay before them.

Wiglaf finds time to present Ameiko with a gift, a fine Tien-made hairpin with a pearl that he recovered from one of the goblins (who was using it as a piercing). She is quite pleased with the gift and thanks him with a hug, causing Wiglaf to blush furiously.

Before they retire for the evening, Shalelu advises them to not be foolish like the last party of adventurers who went blindly into the marsh to hunt goblins. She suggests they follow the New Fish trail and find the cottage of Walthus, a halfling who has appointed himself the swamp’s warden, and who should know the swamp well and be able to aid them in their search. She cannot join them, as she has promised the sheriff she will help patrol the Lost Coast Road ofr a few days while he journeys to Magnimar to try to get reinforcements of rthe watch to deal with the growing goblin problem.

In the morning they set off into the Brinestump. They follow the new fish trail, and at the first bridge have a minor mishap when a board breaks under Henric and his leg splashes into the river. When he pulls himself out he finds a giant leech has attached itself to his leg. Quick thinking, a supply of salt carried by Lucha, and a wicked blow by Wiglaf eliminate the leech’s threat. At the second bridge they find a mutilated lizard carcass and a strange three-toed footprint that Oparal tells them matches the description of the Soggy River Monster tracks that a local fisherman she overheard at the Rusty Dragon claims to have seen. They cautiously cross the bridge. Sometime later, Oparal notices something in the distance has disturbed a flock of birds and briefly glimpses a pale featureless face among the trees. When nothing comes of it, they move on and cross a third bridge with great trepidation and relief when nothing happens. Soon, they spot an old two-story cottage and approach it to knock on the door.

It takes a while, but a ragged looking halfling answers the door. Walthus tries to discourage them and does not react when they tell him they are friends of Shalelu and she sent them to him. When he realizes he cannot get them to leave, he invites them in and then goes into the kitchen. He seems hurt, ans struggles to be a good host and make tea, so Lucha helps him. He seems disoriented a bit, and the party finds this strange, but he tells them he is not feeling well. Wiglaf begins to look around while the others join Lucha and Walthus in the kitchen. Oparal notices a strange rippling effect on the halfling’s hands and goes into the living room to tell Wiglaf of her suspicions. Wiglaf storms into the kitchen and confronts the halfling, who stammers but cannot reply. Realizing that his ruse is shot, Vorolog the faceless stalker sheds his appearance as Walthus. His transformation catches the party off-guard giving Vorolog a chance to strike. He crits Wiglaf with a smash to the kneecap hobbling the Ulfen warrior, then strikes at Henric with a savage blow that drops the wizard before anyone can act. Oparal and Wiglaf engage the shapechanger while Lucha tries to keep Henric alive. The duo prove too much for the wounded Vorolog, and pin him down and kill him before he can escape.
After the fight, Oparal hears a small voice calling from upstairs, and goes to track it down, finding the real Walthus, who thanks the party profusely for saving him. He rewards the party with a magic cloak, offers them food and shelter for the night, and agrees to guide them to the shipwrecks and goblin encampment after they all have had a chance to rest and heal.


Sandpoint Chronicles Vol. 1 #1
I've Got a Nose for News-Harry Butternose

Sandpoint Chronicles

All The News That’s Fit To Print and Then Some

I’ve Got a Nose For News-Harry Butternose

Fires over Brinestump

Recently loud and colorful explosions have been spotted over the wetlands south of Sandpoint known as the Brinestump Marshes. Those in the know believe the goblin tribe known as the Licktoads are behind this cacophonous display. These Licktoads have grown unusually aggressive and seem to have acquired quite a large supply of fireworks which they have put to diabolical uses. Some fear that the goblins may have learned how to make these fireworks, bit experts say that is far-fetched. Still their is a growing fear these Licktoads plan to set Sandpoint on fire! While this gnome remains skeptical, I have heard plenty of stories from residents of the goblin raids and ensuing upheavals from several years back, and can understand how some feel this could be the start of something worse.
This gnomes has learned that several merchant caravans and travelers on the Lost Coast Road have been attacked so far, and according to survivors, the damage caused by panicking horses spooked by the loud and bright firework displays, was almost as destructive as the goblin attacks themselves.
Mayor Deverin and the High Priest Abstalar Zantus are reported to have sent an appeal for aid to Magnimar, but since it has only been Sandpointers and other Lost Coasters accosted so far, no aid seems to be forthcoming. This gnome will keep his nose on this news and keep you informed of further developments.

Sheriff Posts Goblin Bounty

Sheriff Belor Hemlock has re-instituted the old goblin bounty in an attempt ot deal with this new growing goblin problem. The town of Sandpoint will pay 10 gp for every fresh goblin ear delivered to town hall, and additional reward of 300 gp is available if someone can deliver the head of the Licktoad leader, the corpulent Chief Gutwad. When asked why he was instituting the bounty instead of sending patrols into the Brinestump, Hemlock responded (after nearly throttling this reporter), that there was too few men in the watch and too much of the Brinestump to explore, so he was putting out the call for freelance goblin exterminators. This gnome thinks Sheriff Hemlock is too excitable and should maybe take a break and let someone who can do the job take over, but I’m just one tiny voice in the crowd.

Have You Seen These Folks?

This reporter has learned that one group was eager to take up Sheriff Hemlock’s bounty offer and rushed into the Brinestump half-cocked three days ago. No sign or sound of them has been detected since. What has happened to these foolhardy wannabe heroes? In trying to get to the bottom of this goblin problem did they instead find their way to a watery grave at the bottom of the marsh instead? Perhaps they would have had better luck if they looked up this reporter’s old friend Walthus Proudstump, the warden of the swamp, whose expertise could have made the difference for these wannabe heroes. Oh well what do I know, I just report the news so no one asks me.

Around Town with Harry Butternose

Noted elven protector of the Sandpoint Hinterlands Shalelu Andosana has been seen around quite a bit lately. This gnome has learned she’s been spending time at the Rusty Dragon in the company of the beautiful Ameiko Kaijitsu, her long time friend. Is it just friendship, or is there something more going on between these two? Or is it three? Sources tell this reporter that the dashing local scoundrel Sandru Vhiski has often been seen in the company of these two lovely ladies. Reminds this gnome of his days in the Twilit Realm, ahh the memories… ah bit on to other things.

Splish Splash The Soggy River Monster has been spotted again. A local fisherman on the New Fish trail swears he saw the legendary monster just the other day, claiming it stood taller than a man, had alabaster white skin, and a mouth that opened all the way down its neck. The fisherman claims the beastie was already devouring what looked to be a goblin on the far shore of the river which is how he managed to escape. This reporter how many bottles of flaming rotgut the fisherman had consumed to get to the worms in the bottle bottoms to use as bait before he has his encounter. Or perhaps it was eating one of the missing adventurers and not a goblin. And maybe I’ll grow to be six feet tall one day.

Some travelers coming up from the coast claim they saw a big black dragon flying around above the central Mosswood. This reporter thinks they are jumping at shaodws, or perhaps the fisherman has been sharing his flaming rotgut, but the region did suffer from a dragon problem a few years back, so there may be some credence to this. Or Not.

Well that’s all we have time for this week. Stay tuned for more exciting bits in the next edition of the Sandpoint Annals. Harry Butternose signing out. Remember I got a nose for news (and a full purse of coins, so if you’ve got news come see me).

We Be Goblins
Jade Regent Prologue

Session 14 November 2011
DM: Mike
Players: Alex (Mogmurch), Amy (Reta), Holly (Chuffy), and Rick (Poog)

Four lucky goblins are chosen by Chief Gutwad to go on a special mission for the Licktoad tribe-to recover more fireworks from a nearby shipwreck. The fireworks were uncovered a former tribe member recently exiled called Scribbleface, and now, the chief wants more.

A grand bonfire is held in the heroes honor and all four participate in the goblin games that ensue. Reta wins the fist event mastering the riding of Squealy Nod, the ferocious boar piglet, but then Chuffy establishes himself as top goblin by winning the four remaining events-Eat Bag of Slugs really fast, Hide or Get Clubbed, and the Ear Ripper.

The next morning our goblins head out following Scribbleface’s map seeking the shipwreck where the fireworks were found. Chuffy, Reta, and Mogmurch are feeling the ill effects of having eaten so many poison sacks during the slug eating contest. They make their way through the Brinestump Marsh, but run afoul of the lair of one of their tribal enemies-Lotsalegs Eat Goblin Babies Many. Displaying uncharacteristic bravery, the goblins fight Lotsalegs and slay here, ensuring their place among the great heroes of the Licktoads. They find many shiny objects and loot among the remains of Lotsalegs’ victims including some strong taffy that helps ease their sickness.

Pressing on, the intrepid goblins make their way to the shipwreck where they are faced with a virtual cornucopia of goblin nightmares, defeating first Stomp the horse, a trio of ferocious dogs, and the fearsome tribal foe Vorka the cannibal goblin and her companion Lord Longtongue, a giant frog. Using the fireworks they have and Mogmurch’s bombs to great effect, they defeat this dreaded goblin nightmare, loot the ship and set a big fire and set off many big booms before returning to the tribe to be hailed as great heroes.

Each of the heroes is given a place of honor among the tribe, and Chuffy is offered the chief’s daughter as mate. Gutwad is ecstatic to have recovered the fireworks cache and is eager to put them to use. This cannot bode well for the people of the Sandpoint region.

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