Swipe Card Amulet (probably has another, less amusing name)


gives wearer +5 circumstance bonus to Perception checks to see invisible or out-of-phase creatures or objects.

confers Truesight 1/week

Grants bearer ability to bypass arcane locks on academy campus as if a Knock spell were in effect by a caster of level 10. Only works on locks on academy campus.

Grants bearer to detect magic 1/day as if they had the spell Detect Magic.


The Twilight Amulet is a token given to masters of the Twilight Academy that grants them access to all parts of the academy’s campus, as well as a few enchantments that may help them to fulfill their duties as staff members of the cutting edge magic academy. It is a small amulet in the shape of the academy’s coat of arms on a silver chain. Amulets can also serve as foci of scrye spells by members of the academy staff to enable them to locate missing or renegade staff members. )oops did I forget to mention that when you took the amulet from the academy ;) ah well bwahahahahahaha)

Swipe Card Amulet (probably has another, less amusing name)

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