Henric Sand

Burning, burning, burning. His past is catching up to him.


Wizard – 4
HP: 15
STR 8; DEX 16; CON 10; INT 18; WIS 13; CHA 15
AC 14, Touch 14, Flat-Footed 10 (+3 Dex, +1 dodge)
Fort +2; Ref +5; Will +6
Initiative +9

Quarterstaff +1 to hit; 1d6-1 x2
Crossbow +5 to hit; 1d8 (19-20)
Wand of Acid Arrow CL 3rd

Also has his wizard’s spellbook.

  • Burning Hands (1)
  • Color Spray (1)
  • Dancing Lantern (1)
  • Enlarge Person (1)
  • Expeditious Retreat (1)
  • Hypnotism (1)
  • Identify (1)
  • Mage Armor (1)
  • Magic Missile (1)
  • True Strike (1)
  • Blur (2)
  • Bull’s Strength (2)
  • Burning Gaze (2)
  • Cat’s Grace (2)
  • Fox’s Cunning (2)
  • Scorching Ray (2)
  • Summon Monster II (2)

Henric is the foster son of Koya. He has studied the Arcane extensively. His incredible devotion to his mom has led him to travel on Sandru’s caravan with Koya. He is vastly intelligent but has devoted very little time to honing his physical strength. He is not physically memorable, standing at 5’8". His gold eyes are quite distinct, however. As the sun hits them a certain way, they almost flicker like fire. Being called Fire-Eyes led to his devotion to the flames.

Henric doesn’t remember his parents. They died before he could talk. He was rescued by Koya and adopted the surname Sand as he grew. His aspiration is to become a great wizard, possibly a wizened sage.

He was found with a beautiful ring on a chain around his neck. The fiery red ruby has a spectacular shine to it. Koya kept the ring in safekeeping and gave it to Henric on his 13th birthday. The ruby has become the focus of all of his training and studying.

In a fight with a crocodile in the Brinestump Marsh, Henric was bitten by the beast. The blow was enough to kill Henric, but the touch of Desna rescued him from Pharasma’s grasp, wrenching him back to the living. Since then, this “touch of fate” manifested itself in different ways (sometimes good, sometimes bad – GM mandated reroll 1/day)

Along the journey, Henric has learned a lot about himself and his past. On the night of the mysterious dreams, he learned of his older sister and has since then learned that she is the Ice Vessel of legend. Learning this also taught him that he is the Fire Vessel.

In a meeting with the Velashu Horselords, the prophet told of a vision that pitted the Fire Vessel against the Ice Vessel.

Henric’s sister had a step sister named Lara who was found by the party and has joined the caravan. Henric and Lara have a budding romance.

Henric Sand

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