Jade Regent

The Missing Sessions

A Brief DM overview to fill the gap

Just a quick overview of what happened in the sessions w/o a log for themselves-feel free to edit if I forgot or misremembered anything

-explore Brinewall Village and cove w/drake, attacked by reefclaws

-encounter a patrol of dire corbies returning form a hunting expedition & defeat them

-explore cemetery & befriend Spivey the azata cleric of Desna

-explore ruined watch tower find lock box with broken key in it (which you never did anything with despite finding all those doors with a DC 30 Disable device lock on them (HINT F’ing HINT)

-learn from Spivey of possible secret tunnels leading into hill beneath the castle

-explore one such tunnel, encounter ettercap w/spider allies, defeat them

-explore hear chanting an smell of incense, use Lucha’s augery that tells you continuing a bad idea, turn back and rest

I think that was all in session 8, but not sure, could have been 8 and 9.

-explore cliff and find second tunnel

-explore dungeon level and encounter several troglodytes

-take out most of troglodyte force before holing up and resting ,before deciding to head up a stairwell to the main level (which led to the battle on the stairs Rick started his account with)

Not sure if this was session 9 or 10. There were at least 2 session I did not do logs for, possibly 3. Apologies, time just got away form me as other projects piled up and I had all I could do to make sure I was prepped for each session.

I may have missed an encounter or two in this recap.



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