Jade Regent

The Brinewall Legacy Session Three

A Perspective from Behind the Screen

DM: Mike
Players: Alex (Henric), Amy (Lucha), Holly (Oparal), and Rick (Wiglaf)
advancement notes: all but Oparal have advanced to second level at the start of this session, Oparal has yet to get her first XP bonus for advancing her relationship score with her chosen NPC to the next stage, which is why she is lagging behind at the beginning of the session

Following clues found in the Licktoad Village and at the two Kaijitsu shipwrecks, the party sets out to find the Brinewall Caverns after having returned to Walthus’ home to rest for the night. They trudge through the swamp uneventfully until they find the cavern entrance. Henric uses a spark spell to burn away the nettles covering their entrance and they make their way inside, leaving Walthus outside to guard the entrance along with Lucha’ pony Ogre.

Inside they stumble across the lair of a giant spider and dispatch it, burning the webs to make sure there are no more. Among the dessicated husks of the spider’s past prey they find several small animals, and a squid-like creature they identify as the corpse of a darkmantle. They continue to explore the cavern and find a crystal deposit on a small island of rock is a pool of water. As the discuss whether to cross the pool and collect the rock crystals, they are set upon by a darkmantle that drops down and attacks Lucha, but fails to grapple her. The party makes short work of the darkmantle, collects the crystals and moves on to further explore the cavern.

They find a large cavern partially filled with water and littered with a half-dozen skeletal corpses in Tien-style armor. Wiglaf examines one corpse, and decides o crush its skull. He succeeds, but in doing so animates the remaining five skeletons, who attack the party. After a quick melee, the skeletons are finally dispatched by a burst of radiant energy from Lucha.

The party moves on and discovers the skeleton of a samurai sitting atop a Tien-style chest of jade and cherry wood. The party approaches and the skeleton animates, and issues a challenge to Wiglaf, who is familiar with Tien customs of honor and moves to accept the challenge. Wiglaf has his hands full in the fight as the party moves to aid him and eventually overcomes the samurai skeleton when Oparal crushes its skull from behind with a borrowed club. The party recovers the Kaijitsu treasures, and discovers a scroll in Tien hidden in the pommel of the Samurai’s sword. Wiglaf is able to translate the missive and tells the party what it says ans suggests that they need to get this to Ameiko as soon as they can. The party agrees, and after packing up their booty, head back to Walthus to rest for the evening, before heading back to Sandpoint.

Once in Sandpoint,they go to the Rusty Dragon and find Ameiko. She is excited to hear their tale and is very interested in the note. After reading it, she nvites the party to join her for a celebratory dinner and invites her friends Koya, Sandru and Shalelu to join them. Ameiko suggests a journey to Brinewall Castle to try to discover more about her family’s history as the note hints at and it is decided that they will form a caravan to make the journey. All four PCs and the 4 major NPCs commit to going. As a thank you for recovering the note, Ameiko allows the party to keep all the recovered treasure, not just a commission on it, and the party sets to divvying up the spoils, choosing choice items as gifts for their friends. They turn in the goblin ears for their bounty, and begin to make preparations for the caravan trek.

End Session 3



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