Jade Regent

The Brinewall Legacy Session Six

A Perspective from Behind the Screen

DM: Mike
Players: Rick (Wiglaf), Alex (Henric), Amy (Lucha), and Holly (Oparal)

The party questions the driver to learn more of Koya’s disappearance and has him lead them to where she disappeared. Shalelu accompanies them to help find the trail. At the hillock and clearing near the edge of the Churlwood where Koya was observing the night sky, they find tracks of a human, a humanoid with wolf paws and wolf tracks, plus drag marks near where Koya was heading into the Churlwood. They follow the track while the driver returns to Wolf’s Ear.

They follow the trail for a few hours and come across a cottage in a clearing, also finding several traps and snares along the approach to the cottage. They approach and are hailed by a voice with a thick Varisian accent, challenging them to come no further. Henric and Wiglaf are bristling with rage and near consumed with their lust for revenge and to save Koya, but Lucha parlays with the voice, and identifies herself as Koya’s granddaughter. The voice invites them to come forward if they sheathe their weapons. Reluctantly they agree and discover the voice is a young boy of about twelve in a tree. He leads them to the cabin and tells them Koya is inside. They see a stout Chelaxian man outside, shirtless in the cold a she had been chopping wood. The smell of cooking food is strong as they make their way inside the cabin.

Inside they find Koya, with a bandage on her head and a splint on her leg, and a woman cooking a stew over a fire. Henric and Wiglaf are still spoiling for a fight, but Koya tells them she was taken here when the couple approached her on the hillock and surprised her sending her for a tumble which knocked her out and hurt her ankle. Henric and Wiglaf accuse them of kidnapping Koya and assaulting the driver. Koya tells them to relax, that the couple asked her to perform a wedding for them as the priestess of Shelyn in town refuses to as she is bowing to political pressure from the mayor. The Chelaxian man is the son of a noble in Magnimar who became afflicted with lycanthropy and the woman is a Varisian druid who often takes wolf form With all the previous troubles in Wolf’s Ear, they are shunned in the town and have gone into exile out here in the Churlwood.

Wiglaf and Henric are still angry and belligerent, when another figure bursts into the room informing them that an angry mob with “torches and pitchforks” is approaching from Wolf’s Ear. Shalelu stares in hate at this newcomes, a half-elf wearing an eye patch, and there is something disturbingly familiar about him to Oparal. Lucha too recognizes him and associates him with her dreams at Windsong Abbey.

Koya tells the woman to take her brother and go before the mob arrives. She transforms into wolf shape and the young boy mounts her to ride off. She tells the Chelaxian to go as well, but when the half elf goes to leave, she tells him to stay, and Shalelu warns him if he moves she will kill him. Koya tells him he will deserve everything he gets, and the man bristles with anger, transforms into a werewolf and snaps at Shalelu. Oparal finally recognizes him as the wolf that attacked her as a child, when Shalelu rescued her. Shalelu curses and asks why he won’t stay dead.

Wiglaf and Henric join the fight against the werewolf while Lucha goes to try to stall and calm the mob. Oparal circles around the cottage and attacks the werewolf from behind. When he is close to her, he snarls that she might have been his whelp had her mother been willing. The party, with Koya and Shalelus help begin to get the better of the werewolf, and Lucha tries to placate the mob telling them her friends are dealing with the werewolf as they speak. She agrees to escort the leader of the mob, who is the mayor of Wolf’s Ear, into the cabin and he enters to see the party finishing off the werewolf.

The mob cheers when the mayor tells him the werewolf is dead, and they claim the body to bring back to Wolf’s Ear. The mob heads off, and the party remains behind. Koya covertly sends word to the coupe who own the cottage that it is safe to return. She and Lucha preside over the handfasting, but the rest of the party waits outside in protest, not liking the idea of helping the werewolf.

After the wedding, they return back to Wolf’s Ear and are heralded by the folks as heroes, once again bolstering their profits as the caravan trades in the town, spending five days peddling goods and buying new trade goods. They also take the time to repair the damage done to the wagons in the goblin attacks they endured on the trail earlier. After trading is concluded they once again hi the road, choosing to skirt around the Churlwood on their way to Roderic’s Cove.

Along the way, they have to avoid a snowdrift that blocked the trail, and endure an attack by a band of ogres on the border of the Churlwood, but arrive in Roderic’s Cove safely. In town, they camp for the night at the wagons, but are attacked by a bugbear press gang trying to impress oarsmen for their pirate crew. They had grabbed done of the caravan drivers, but were spotted by Henric on watch, who awakes the party, who then deal with the bugbears and rescue the driver. They go on to trade all their remaining goods in Roderic’s Cove and load up on provision and repair materials in preparation for the long journey from Roderics Cove to Brinewall Castle.

At this point the party has reached third level.




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