Jade Regent

The Brinewall Legacy Session Seven

A Brief Perspective From Behind the Screen

DM: Mike
Players: Holly (Oparal), Alex (Henric), Amy (Lucha), and Rick (Wiglaf)

After leaving Roderic’s Cover, the caravan discovers it has a stowaway, a young girl Lara fleeing an arranged marriage and an abusive father. It turns out she bears a ring similar to Henric’s that was given to her years ago by an adoptive sister who her father later sold to an Ulfen merchant named Karn. Lara swears that when she touched the ring and looked at Karn she saw him as a blue skinned monster with three eyes. Intrigued by her possible connection with his sister Henric questions her further. Lucha and Koya are sympathetic to her plight and make a place for her in the caravan.

The trails beyond Roderic’s Cove are treacherous, and the caravan suffers a devastating attack by a pack of wolves while camped. They are several days from the town and have no choice but to spend the day repairing the wagons and healing the horses. While encamped, they are approached by a large band of Velashu horseman, and their leader approaches the caravan to parlay. When he sees Henric’s fire eyes, he is excited and invites them to join them in their camp for a feast. The clan’s dream talker had dreamed of fire eyes and sent them searching for such a person.

The caravan spends an evening feasting, drinking and dancing with the horse clan. Lara takes a shine to Henric, Koya and the clan shaman/dream talker hit it off, and much carousing was done by all. The dream talker shared his visions and prophecies of the fire eyes and the menace of the Five Storms. While in camp, Ameiko seems ill and Lucha can see she is plagued by a spirit.

The party sets off with healed horses and in some cases new horses, and approaches the Nolands. The caravan is attacked by a band of Ulfen outcast raiders, but drives them off. During the battle, Ameiko has lapsed into a coma, and Koya, Henric and Lucha determine it is because she has been possessed by a kami spirit. Ameiko begins to babble in her unconscious state, and the party realizes she is foreseeing things about Brinewall Castle.

They guess the key to helping Ameiko recover is at the castle, and so travel on to the path leading to Brinewall. The party heads off, leaving the caravan behind and the others to watch over Ameiko while they go to explore the ruined town and castle.

At the ruins, they discover the carcass of a sea drake in the bay and disturb a pair of carnivorous aquatic scavengers called reefclaws which they kill. After the fight, they spy a longship tied to the docks and decide to go investigate.




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