Jade Regent

The Brinewall Legacy Session Four

A Perspective from Behind the Screen

DM: Mike
Players: Alex (Henric), Amy (Lucha), Holly (Oparal), and Rick (Wiglaf)

The party has returned to Sandpoint after their adventures in the Brinestump Marsh and make final preparation to leave for Brinewall Castle with Sandru’a Caravan as they accompany Ameiko Kaijistsu as she seeks to learn more of her family legacy and follow the clues in the letter that the party recovered.

As the party leaves on the 30th of Neth, Koya remarks their departure is marked by omens as that night will be a Blue Moon, the second full moon of the month. In honor of this, the party names the caravan The Caravan of the Blue Moon. The caravan leaves Sandpoint, heading North on the Lost Coast Road. Sandru tells them their first stop will be at Windsong Abbey, and they should reach the abbey at night fall.

They arrive at the abbey, and take shelter there for the evening, planning on setting up the next day to trade. The party shares a common room provided by the Masked Abbess, and fall to sleep to the strange tunes made by the wind running through the tunnels of the Abbey. That evening, they are plagued by strange dreams of the past. Lucha, Wiglaf, and Henric wake and remember their troubling dreams, but Oparal only has a vague sense of having had bad dreams. Why she doesn’t remember is unknown, perhaps because she is an elf and their sleep is different from that of humans, or perhaps something else. All however wake feeling exhausted and out of sorts. They discuss having been plagued by dreams, but are hesitant to share the details at this point. Reluctantly they stay at the abbey another day and conduct their trade, making a small profit and rest for the night. Their nocturnal adventures are not repeated, and they wake rested and ready for the road.

They continue to travel along the Lost Coast Road, and as they travel through the foothills of the Fogscar Mountains are ambushed by a band of goblin raiders. The caravan successfully drives off the raiders, but does suffer some minor damage. At the far edge of the foothills, they camp for the evening and continue on towards Galduria the next day.

They wake to bad weather, a mix of snow and rain, but the caravan still manages good time. They are a few hours form Galduria at sunset, and decide to camp rather than press on in the dark. During the evening, a young boy enters the camp, exhausted and scared. Oparal is on watch when he arrives, and quickly wakes the others. The boy says he is from Galduria, and he spent the day wandering the countryside, trying to find his lost dog. When he finally found his dog and returned to the town, he tries to find his parents at the inn they ran, but they were asleep and he could not wake them. he tried to get help, but everyone else was asleep too, and he couldn’t wake them up either. He says that’s when he saw the monsters, and his dog started barking. His dog tried to attack the monsters, but they kept shushing him before they started clawing at them. The boy was scared and ran away, and kept running until he saw the caravan’s fires, and came to their camp. The party is fairly sure the boy is telling the truth, at least as far as he understands it. Henric tells them Galduria is the home to The Twilight Academy, a magic school with a reputation for dangerous and experimental magic, and it is possible something when wrong in one of those experiments. Sandru asks the party to check out the village in the morning as the caravan will stay camped so as not to expose it to further danger. The party agrees and after a few hours sleep they head towards Galduria.

At the town gates, they find the guards asleep and cannot wake them, verifying at least part of the boy’s tale. Concerned about the people’s ability to survive exposure to the elements for much longer, they begin dragging those sleepers outside into buildings to provide them some shelter from the winter weather. As they do so, they hear the sound of bodies being dragged a few streets over. They investigate and see a pair of monstrous creatures dragging a sleeping townsperson. They look like bloated baboons with floppy ears, big eyes, and long arms, with knuckles that drag on the ground. Henric believes they are outsiders of some sort, but cannot place their type or origin.

When the creatures see the party, they shush them, and the party makes an aggressive move towards the creatures. Wiglaf draws his sword and takes a direct approach towards them and Henric is not far behind. Oparal begins to circle around the buildings to get the drop on them and Lucha watches with interest. The creatures try to drive off the adventurers with a magical fear effect, but both Wiglaf and Henric are able to shake off the spell’s effects, bit when one of the creatures unleashes a cloud of noxious vapor, Henric is nauseated and taken out of the fight for a bit. Wiglaf engages the creatures, but his weapon is not having the usual effect on them. Lucha uses ghost sound to create the loud sound of a bell ringing, unsure why the creatures were shushing them but determined to make noise if they wanted quiet.

Wiglaf tries a cold iron wakazashi, and it has a much deadlier effect on the creatures. The creatures tear up Wiglaf pretty good, but eventually Oparal arrives and Henric recovers with Lucha’s aid, and the party defeats the creatures, even though they summoned another of their ilk. After seeing them in action, Henric determined they were dretches, low-powered demons usually in the service of someone or something else. Lucha says she heard something fly off form a rooftop during the battle, but couldn’t see anything, suggesting it may have been invisible. This makes Wiglaf and Henric think of quasits, another low-powered demon sometimes used by wizards as familiar. The party decides to catch their breath, and make their way towards the Twilight Academy to see if they can learn what is going on. Lucha makes an off-hand comment about her dream and Henric and Wiglaf realize they had the same thing in their dreams. Before going any further, they decide to share the content of their dreams form the other night at Windsong Abbey.

I will let each player post what they want of the contents of their own dream if they choose, or if they would rather, I can add the text of the dream documents I gave you to the wiki at a later date if you want me to.


Merry Christmas, all. Next session will be moved from the Monday after Christmas to Thursday so those with Boxing Day family plans can attend the next session. See you all then.


You know if anyone wants to post a player perspective to complement or replace the DM perspectives, feel free.

The Brinewall Legacy Session Four

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