Jade Regent

The Brinewall Legacy Session Five

A Perspective from Behind the Screen

DM: Mike
Players: Oparal (Holly), Wiglaf (Rick), Henric (Alex), Lucha (Amy)

The party is still in Galduria investigating the mystery of the sleeping populace. They search the body of the wizard the demons had been dragging through the town, and find a wand and an amulet. The amulet appears to be some kind of magical pass key and Henric determines the wand is a wand of acid arrow. The party makes their way to the compound of the Twilight Academy and begins to explore.They make their way through the courtyard and Lucha hears something fly off but cannot see it. They believe it is the same thing they heard in the town. They determine what direction they think it flew off in, and head that way. They begin to explore some of the towers and buildings, finding a scriptorium lit by a pale luminescent green magical flame. Inside they find a wizard slumped over an ancient tome. The tome is so ancient it predates the Thassilonian age and its writing can only be see in the green magical light. Its covers seem to be cured human hide, which freaks the party out. They cannot decipher the pictograph language, but Lucha examines the illustrations and finds an image of reptilian eyes that she recognizes from the dreams she had at Windsong Abbey, hovering over Henric.

They leave the book and move on after Henric loots the scriptorium’s supply closet for vellum, paper, ink, etc. and finds a few masterwork stylus. Moving on, they finding a summoning room, and Henric determines it has been used to summon something recently, and he thinks it was summoned from the Abyss but isn’t certain. They move on, finding alchemical labs and a “panic room” a warded area near the summoning room that keeps out summoned creatures. In the divination tower, they are accosted by a quasit and another dretch. After an initial fight, Lucha convinces the quasit that they are “prisoners” and it should take them to its master Ithnogga. The quasit brags how he deceived the wizard Halakarun who was researching a more powerful sleep spell into performing a rite that put all the townsfolk asleep and opened the way for its master Ithnogga to come.

The quasit and dretch lead them to the top of the divination tower, and they see a mage that seems to be possessed by a shadow demon, but something has gone wrong, the shadow demon’s image is superimposed over the mage and it seems to be moving the mage like a puppet. It holds a wizard up by its throat and is sucking the life out of the wizard, as the human dries and dessicates it life force flows into the shadow demon making it stronger and more physically present on this plane. Strands of "invisible black tendrils run from the shadow demon to all the sleeping inhabitants of the town, but Wiglaf, who holds the pass key that grants magical sight can see the strands. Nearly two dozen wizards lay on the floor near Ithnogga and another half dozen dessicated corpses are scattered about the room. A large divination circle dominates the center of the room. The party confronts Ithnogga and his minions. Wiglaf uses a cold iron blade to sever the tendrils running from the demon to the sleeping wizards and they begin to stir. The party holds their own against Ithnogga but can’t quite seem to damage without harming the wizard he possesses, but finally determine the wizard has it coming and begin to hack away. They weaken Ithnogga as Lucha tries to waken the sleeping mages that Wiglaf freed from the tendrils. The wizards begin to awake and use their magic to summon forth pure daylight in the divination hall, driving the shadow demon and leaving it weak and helpless. The wizard it possessed, Halakarun lies dying. The summoned dretch disappears and the quasit turns invisible and slips away in the chaos.

The wizards of the academy are grateful to the party for their aid, and reward them each with a magic item. The party sends word to the caravan, and Sandru brings the caravan into town as its populace awakes. The party is hailed as heroes by the townsfolk, and their association with Sandru’s caravan makes for three days of very profitable trading for the caravan.

After these three days,the caravan loads up their new trade goods and heads out towards Wolf’s Ear, arriving very late that evening. They take rooms for the night and Koya says she wants to go outside the town to observe the stars as she expects an unusual conjunction that evening. Lucha hires one of the caravan drivers to follow her and keep an eye on her just in case she runs into something dangerous, and the party goes out for a night on the town. As they return to their rooms near midnight they hear howling wolves outside the town, but think nothing of it. In the morning, Koya still hasn’t returned, and the driver Lucha hired stumbles into town, bruised and battered, claiming someone jumped him and when he awoke Koya was missing, causing murmurs among the Varisian caravan, as Koya was their fortune teller and this is a bad omen.

End Session.



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