Jade Regent

Sandpoint Chronicles Vol. 1 #2

All the News That's Fit to Print and Then Some

Sandpoint Chronicles

Vol. 1 No. 2

I got a nose for news-Harry Butternose

Vhiski Caravan Attacked on Road From Magnimar

Caravan Operator Sandru Vhiski confirms his caravan was assaulted by a band of rabid firework brandishing goblins on the Lost Coast Road. Vhiski commented that it was lucky he had a number of capable caravan guards with him, and that they killed or drove off the goblin horde. This reporter has confirmed that the Vhiski guards collected a bounty for six goblins from Sheriff Hemlock upon their return. Local hero Shalelu Andosana was spotted returning to Sandpoint in the company of the Vhiski caravan, and this reporter believes she was instrumental in driving off a much larger goblin horde, but that authorities are keeping mum on this growing goblin army to keep panic from spreading throughout Sandpoint. This reporter has confirmed that Sheriff Hemlock himself has gone to Magnimar himself to seek reinforcements against this growing goblin menace. If the goblins are menacing Sandpoint again, one can only wonder what kind of troubles are following in their wake this time. The Chronicle will keep you abreast of all the developments in this area of concern, so stay tuned and keep reading.

Marshes Target of Goblin Sweeps

This reporter has learned that at least two expeditions into the Brinsetump Marshes have been sanctioned by town authorities to sweep out the pesky goblins who lurk in the swamp’s reaches. Rumor has it that the first expedition was unprepared for the massive goblin horde it found and met with disaster. The second expedition is said to consist of veteran goblin fighters and may be lead by the Vhiski guards who dealt the goblins a devastating blow on the Lost Coast Road. More details when I get them, keep reading.

Around Town With Harry Butternose

Hope Like Love Springs Eternal

It seems Ameiko Kajitsu has a new suitor. Strapping Ulfen Wiglaf the Wanderer, a newcomer to town was seen trying to woo the Tien beauty with an extravagent gift at the Rusty Dragon a few evenings ago. The gift seemed well-received, but this reprter has ot wonder if this will be just the latest addition to the long line of broken hearted suitors weeping in the gutters of Sandpoint that Ameiko has left in her wake. May Shelyn protect poor Wiglaf’s fragile heart.

Demon Haunted Child

This reporter witnessed the most amazing site, it seems one of our townsfolk, Lucha Rhysdottir is in possession of a demon haunted stick. This reporter saw the stick fly across the Rusty Dragon on several occasions without any cause and witnessed Lucha and others yelling at the stick to stop being so contrary. I did not see the stick answer back but it did seem to waver menacingly at times and I did not want to get too close, I still have bad memories of being whacked by the last demon haunted stick I encountered.

Well that’s it for this edition of the Chronicles. Stay tuned as my nose will turn up more news soon.
-Harry Butternose



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