Jade Regent

Feb 20 session

very brief overview

Here is my sketchy recall of the session

-explored room you bunked in, found hidden silverware

-explored nearby servant’s quarters found fungus in one and attic whisperer in the other

-explored tower, encountered Ziarobe (I need to look up her name to double check spelling/accuracy) the Harpy, Kikonu’s lover

-harpy establishes telepathic bond w/Lucha, offers to set up ambush of Kikonu because he has scorned her

-party agrees, ambush set up near cemetery outside of castle proper

-Kikonu defeated, harpy turns on party, party defeats her

-rest and then emerge triumphantly into castle bearing Kikonu’s head

-corbies send force of ogres to meet party and challenge them

-party defeats ogres

-explore part of castle

end session

feel free to edit or modify if I forgot or misremembered anything



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