Jade Regent

Brinewall Legacy - Session Nine (I think)

Wiglaf's PoV

DM: Mike
Players: Alex (Henrik), Holly (Oparal), Amy (Lucha), Rick (Wiglaf)

…(continuation of a letter to his mother)

We finished off the troglodytes without too much trouble. They were pretty strong, and playing it smart, but we were stronger and smarter. We’re finally starting to figure out how to fight as a team, which is a good thing. I was starting to worry about the punier members of the group. Still Lucha is becoming some sort of magic-wielding turtle – in so much armor that she’ll sink like a stone if we ever have to go to sea, Oparal is quick and has started using her bow to better effect, and Henrik is doing a great job of making me a huge, fast wall of beef, and then staying behind me (finally!) and shooting fire and acid at the bad guys. He’s so puny though, I’m really worried about what’ll happen if he takes a solid hit. Maybe after this is all over, I’ll bring him home with me and you can feed him some of your lutefisk and fish-eye stew. You always said that was what would make us big and strong, and it sure worked for me.
We wandered around the castle. It’s a wreck. Nobody with any sense has been living here for a long time. We found some more of those ugly bird men, apparently wanked off because they had to clean the dining room, which, honestly, really needed it. It looks like they crap where they eat. What thinking creature would consider that to be okay. It creeps me out, and I grew up around Uncle Olaf.
They tried to bum rush us down the stairs, but we were quicker than they were (even Henrik), and they ended up in a pile at the bottom, right at Lucha’s feet. It wasn’t much of a fight after that. Unlike the Trogs, the Corbies have no sense of tactics at all.
Did a lot more searching. The place is mostly deserted. I don’t feel like we’re any closer to finding what we need to help Ameiko, and it’s starting to really irritate me. If she dies… I’ll come home and sign up with one of the reaver ships… and kill and kill and kill until something finally sends me to the afterlife. I know she’s still in love with Sandru’s dead brother, but it’s like you and Papa. I know she’s the one. I just have to find the thing that will make her well, and then work to heal her broken heart, and then she’ll know it too.
We finally came across something that looked like a real fight. 6 corbies being bossed around by some long-nosed weirdo. They were doing a play, if you can believe it. We laid back, set up our tactics, buffed up, and roved in to mop them up. Then the weirdo shapechanged into a yamabushi tengu, like he was right out of one of Papa’s stories. He threw around a bunch of magic, hit me with some spell that had me on the ground, laughing so hard I could barely defend myself. (Stupid spellcasters, they’re never willing to offer a clean battle.)
Then he just flew away. The rest of the group took care of the corbies, which is a good thing, since I was useless. Once the spell wore off, we tried to chase the tengu down, but he knew the castle way better than we did, and finally lost us. Oparal was so winded, I thought she was going to throw up. Once I calmed down, I realized how stupid running through the castle was (we left Lucha so far behind, it’s a miracle that we found her before something ate her), but at the time, I didn’t have much control. I hope I’m not becoming a berserker. I thought that happened earlier.
We went back to exploring, although Henrik had pretty much shot his wad as far as spellcasting was concerned. (That’s another thing about these magic users, once they have one good fight, they want to go back and have a nap.) We ended up in this room that was full of something called a haunt. It set my hairs on end, and freaked Oparal out so bad that she fled the room and wouldn’t go back in.
After that, Lucha used her magic to find us a safe place to hole up so they could all have their naps.

(end of session)


I love Wiglaf’s POV, this is great. Keep it up Rick.


I think this is session 10 or 11, not Nine, but I forget exactly.


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