Jade Regent

Feb 20 session
very brief overview

Here is my sketchy recall of the session

-explored room you bunked in, found hidden silverware

-explored nearby servant’s quarters found fungus in one and attic whisperer in the other

-explored tower, encountered Ziarobe (I need to look up her name to double check spelling/accuracy) the Harpy, Kikonu’s lover

-harpy establishes telepathic bond w/Lucha, offers to set up ambush of Kikonu because he has scorned her

-party agrees, ambush set up near cemetery outside of castle proper

-Kikonu defeated, harpy turns on party, party defeats her

-rest and then emerge triumphantly into castle bearing Kikonu’s head

-corbies send force of ogres to meet party and challenge them

-party defeats ogres

-explore part of castle

end session

feel free to edit or modify if I forgot or misremembered anything

The Missing Sessions
A Brief DM overview to fill the gap

Just a quick overview of what happened in the sessions w/o a log for themselves-feel free to edit if I forgot or misremembered anything

-explore Brinewall Village and cove w/drake, attacked by reefclaws

-encounter a patrol of dire corbies returning form a hunting expedition & defeat them

-explore cemetery & befriend Spivey the azata cleric of Desna

-explore ruined watch tower find lock box with broken key in it (which you never did anything with despite finding all those doors with a DC 30 Disable device lock on them (HINT F’ing HINT)

-learn from Spivey of possible secret tunnels leading into hill beneath the castle

-explore one such tunnel, encounter ettercap w/spider allies, defeat them

-explore hear chanting an smell of incense, use Lucha’s augery that tells you continuing a bad idea, turn back and rest

I think that was all in session 8, but not sure, could have been 8 and 9.

-explore cliff and find second tunnel

-explore dungeon level and encounter several troglodytes

-take out most of troglodyte force before holing up and resting ,before deciding to head up a stairwell to the main level (which led to the battle on the stairs Rick started his account with)

Not sure if this was session 9 or 10. There were at least 2 session I did not do logs for, possibly 3. Apologies, time just got away form me as other projects piled up and I had all I could do to make sure I was prepped for each session.

I may have missed an encounter or two in this recap.

Brinewall Legacy - Session Nine (I think)
Wiglaf's PoV

DM: Mike
Players: Alex (Henrik), Holly (Oparal), Amy (Lucha), Rick (Wiglaf)

…(continuation of a letter to his mother)

We finished off the troglodytes without too much trouble. They were pretty strong, and playing it smart, but we were stronger and smarter. We’re finally starting to figure out how to fight as a team, which is a good thing. I was starting to worry about the punier members of the group. Still Lucha is becoming some sort of magic-wielding turtle – in so much armor that she’ll sink like a stone if we ever have to go to sea, Oparal is quick and has started using her bow to better effect, and Henrik is doing a great job of making me a huge, fast wall of beef, and then staying behind me (finally!) and shooting fire and acid at the bad guys. He’s so puny though, I’m really worried about what’ll happen if he takes a solid hit. Maybe after this is all over, I’ll bring him home with me and you can feed him some of your lutefisk and fish-eye stew. You always said that was what would make us big and strong, and it sure worked for me.
We wandered around the castle. It’s a wreck. Nobody with any sense has been living here for a long time. We found some more of those ugly bird men, apparently wanked off because they had to clean the dining room, which, honestly, really needed it. It looks like they crap where they eat. What thinking creature would consider that to be okay. It creeps me out, and I grew up around Uncle Olaf.
They tried to bum rush us down the stairs, but we were quicker than they were (even Henrik), and they ended up in a pile at the bottom, right at Lucha’s feet. It wasn’t much of a fight after that. Unlike the Trogs, the Corbies have no sense of tactics at all.
Did a lot more searching. The place is mostly deserted. I don’t feel like we’re any closer to finding what we need to help Ameiko, and it’s starting to really irritate me. If she dies… I’ll come home and sign up with one of the reaver ships… and kill and kill and kill until something finally sends me to the afterlife. I know she’s still in love with Sandru’s dead brother, but it’s like you and Papa. I know she’s the one. I just have to find the thing that will make her well, and then work to heal her broken heart, and then she’ll know it too.
We finally came across something that looked like a real fight. 6 corbies being bossed around by some long-nosed weirdo. They were doing a play, if you can believe it. We laid back, set up our tactics, buffed up, and roved in to mop them up. Then the weirdo shapechanged into a yamabushi tengu, like he was right out of one of Papa’s stories. He threw around a bunch of magic, hit me with some spell that had me on the ground, laughing so hard I could barely defend myself. (Stupid spellcasters, they’re never willing to offer a clean battle.)
Then he just flew away. The rest of the group took care of the corbies, which is a good thing, since I was useless. Once the spell wore off, we tried to chase the tengu down, but he knew the castle way better than we did, and finally lost us. Oparal was so winded, I thought she was going to throw up. Once I calmed down, I realized how stupid running through the castle was (we left Lucha so far behind, it’s a miracle that we found her before something ate her), but at the time, I didn’t have much control. I hope I’m not becoming a berserker. I thought that happened earlier.
We went back to exploring, although Henrik had pretty much shot his wad as far as spellcasting was concerned. (That’s another thing about these magic users, once they have one good fight, they want to go back and have a nap.) We ended up in this room that was full of something called a haunt. It set my hairs on end, and freaked Oparal out so bad that she fled the room and wouldn’t go back in.
After that, Lucha used her magic to find us a safe place to hole up so they could all have their naps.

(end of session)

The Brinewall Legacy Session Seven
A Brief Perspective From Behind the Screen

DM: Mike
Players: Holly (Oparal), Alex (Henric), Amy (Lucha), and Rick (Wiglaf)

After leaving Roderic’s Cover, the caravan discovers it has a stowaway, a young girl Lara fleeing an arranged marriage and an abusive father. It turns out she bears a ring similar to Henric’s that was given to her years ago by an adoptive sister who her father later sold to an Ulfen merchant named Karn. Lara swears that when she touched the ring and looked at Karn she saw him as a blue skinned monster with three eyes. Intrigued by her possible connection with his sister Henric questions her further. Lucha and Koya are sympathetic to her plight and make a place for her in the caravan.

The trails beyond Roderic’s Cove are treacherous, and the caravan suffers a devastating attack by a pack of wolves while camped. They are several days from the town and have no choice but to spend the day repairing the wagons and healing the horses. While encamped, they are approached by a large band of Velashu horseman, and their leader approaches the caravan to parlay. When he sees Henric’s fire eyes, he is excited and invites them to join them in their camp for a feast. The clan’s dream talker had dreamed of fire eyes and sent them searching for such a person.

The caravan spends an evening feasting, drinking and dancing with the horse clan. Lara takes a shine to Henric, Koya and the clan shaman/dream talker hit it off, and much carousing was done by all. The dream talker shared his visions and prophecies of the fire eyes and the menace of the Five Storms. While in camp, Ameiko seems ill and Lucha can see she is plagued by a spirit.

The party sets off with healed horses and in some cases new horses, and approaches the Nolands. The caravan is attacked by a band of Ulfen outcast raiders, but drives them off. During the battle, Ameiko has lapsed into a coma, and Koya, Henric and Lucha determine it is because she has been possessed by a kami spirit. Ameiko begins to babble in her unconscious state, and the party realizes she is foreseeing things about Brinewall Castle.

They guess the key to helping Ameiko recover is at the castle, and so travel on to the path leading to Brinewall. The party heads off, leaving the caravan behind and the others to watch over Ameiko while they go to explore the ruined town and castle.

At the ruins, they discover the carcass of a sea drake in the bay and disturb a pair of carnivorous aquatic scavengers called reefclaws which they kill. After the fight, they spy a longship tied to the docks and decide to go investigate.


The Brinewall Legacy Session Six
A Perspective from Behind the Screen

DM: Mike
Players: Rick (Wiglaf), Alex (Henric), Amy (Lucha), and Holly (Oparal)

The party questions the driver to learn more of Koya’s disappearance and has him lead them to where she disappeared. Shalelu accompanies them to help find the trail. At the hillock and clearing near the edge of the Churlwood where Koya was observing the night sky, they find tracks of a human, a humanoid with wolf paws and wolf tracks, plus drag marks near where Koya was heading into the Churlwood. They follow the track while the driver returns to Wolf’s Ear.

They follow the trail for a few hours and come across a cottage in a clearing, also finding several traps and snares along the approach to the cottage. They approach and are hailed by a voice with a thick Varisian accent, challenging them to come no further. Henric and Wiglaf are bristling with rage and near consumed with their lust for revenge and to save Koya, but Lucha parlays with the voice, and identifies herself as Koya’s granddaughter. The voice invites them to come forward if they sheathe their weapons. Reluctantly they agree and discover the voice is a young boy of about twelve in a tree. He leads them to the cabin and tells them Koya is inside. They see a stout Chelaxian man outside, shirtless in the cold a she had been chopping wood. The smell of cooking food is strong as they make their way inside the cabin.

Inside they find Koya, with a bandage on her head and a splint on her leg, and a woman cooking a stew over a fire. Henric and Wiglaf are still spoiling for a fight, but Koya tells them she was taken here when the couple approached her on the hillock and surprised her sending her for a tumble which knocked her out and hurt her ankle. Henric and Wiglaf accuse them of kidnapping Koya and assaulting the driver. Koya tells them to relax, that the couple asked her to perform a wedding for them as the priestess of Shelyn in town refuses to as she is bowing to political pressure from the mayor. The Chelaxian man is the son of a noble in Magnimar who became afflicted with lycanthropy and the woman is a Varisian druid who often takes wolf form With all the previous troubles in Wolf’s Ear, they are shunned in the town and have gone into exile out here in the Churlwood.

Wiglaf and Henric are still angry and belligerent, when another figure bursts into the room informing them that an angry mob with “torches and pitchforks” is approaching from Wolf’s Ear. Shalelu stares in hate at this newcomes, a half-elf wearing an eye patch, and there is something disturbingly familiar about him to Oparal. Lucha too recognizes him and associates him with her dreams at Windsong Abbey.

Koya tells the woman to take her brother and go before the mob arrives. She transforms into wolf shape and the young boy mounts her to ride off. She tells the Chelaxian to go as well, but when the half elf goes to leave, she tells him to stay, and Shalelu warns him if he moves she will kill him. Koya tells him he will deserve everything he gets, and the man bristles with anger, transforms into a werewolf and snaps at Shalelu. Oparal finally recognizes him as the wolf that attacked her as a child, when Shalelu rescued her. Shalelu curses and asks why he won’t stay dead.

Wiglaf and Henric join the fight against the werewolf while Lucha goes to try to stall and calm the mob. Oparal circles around the cottage and attacks the werewolf from behind. When he is close to her, he snarls that she might have been his whelp had her mother been willing. The party, with Koya and Shalelus help begin to get the better of the werewolf, and Lucha tries to placate the mob telling them her friends are dealing with the werewolf as they speak. She agrees to escort the leader of the mob, who is the mayor of Wolf’s Ear, into the cabin and he enters to see the party finishing off the werewolf.

The mob cheers when the mayor tells him the werewolf is dead, and they claim the body to bring back to Wolf’s Ear. The mob heads off, and the party remains behind. Koya covertly sends word to the coupe who own the cottage that it is safe to return. She and Lucha preside over the handfasting, but the rest of the party waits outside in protest, not liking the idea of helping the werewolf.

After the wedding, they return back to Wolf’s Ear and are heralded by the folks as heroes, once again bolstering their profits as the caravan trades in the town, spending five days peddling goods and buying new trade goods. They also take the time to repair the damage done to the wagons in the goblin attacks they endured on the trail earlier. After trading is concluded they once again hi the road, choosing to skirt around the Churlwood on their way to Roderic’s Cove.

Along the way, they have to avoid a snowdrift that blocked the trail, and endure an attack by a band of ogres on the border of the Churlwood, but arrive in Roderic’s Cove safely. In town, they camp for the night at the wagons, but are attacked by a bugbear press gang trying to impress oarsmen for their pirate crew. They had grabbed done of the caravan drivers, but were spotted by Henric on watch, who awakes the party, who then deal with the bugbears and rescue the driver. They go on to trade all their remaining goods in Roderic’s Cove and load up on provision and repair materials in preparation for the long journey from Roderics Cove to Brinewall Castle.

At this point the party has reached third level.


The Brinewall Legacy Session Five
A Perspective from Behind the Screen

DM: Mike
Players: Oparal (Holly), Wiglaf (Rick), Henric (Alex), Lucha (Amy)

The party is still in Galduria investigating the mystery of the sleeping populace. They search the body of the wizard the demons had been dragging through the town, and find a wand and an amulet. The amulet appears to be some kind of magical pass key and Henric determines the wand is a wand of acid arrow. The party makes their way to the compound of the Twilight Academy and begins to explore.They make their way through the courtyard and Lucha hears something fly off but cannot see it. They believe it is the same thing they heard in the town. They determine what direction they think it flew off in, and head that way. They begin to explore some of the towers and buildings, finding a scriptorium lit by a pale luminescent green magical flame. Inside they find a wizard slumped over an ancient tome. The tome is so ancient it predates the Thassilonian age and its writing can only be see in the green magical light. Its covers seem to be cured human hide, which freaks the party out. They cannot decipher the pictograph language, but Lucha examines the illustrations and finds an image of reptilian eyes that she recognizes from the dreams she had at Windsong Abbey, hovering over Henric.

They leave the book and move on after Henric loots the scriptorium’s supply closet for vellum, paper, ink, etc. and finds a few masterwork stylus. Moving on, they finding a summoning room, and Henric determines it has been used to summon something recently, and he thinks it was summoned from the Abyss but isn’t certain. They move on, finding alchemical labs and a “panic room” a warded area near the summoning room that keeps out summoned creatures. In the divination tower, they are accosted by a quasit and another dretch. After an initial fight, Lucha convinces the quasit that they are “prisoners” and it should take them to its master Ithnogga. The quasit brags how he deceived the wizard Halakarun who was researching a more powerful sleep spell into performing a rite that put all the townsfolk asleep and opened the way for its master Ithnogga to come.

The quasit and dretch lead them to the top of the divination tower, and they see a mage that seems to be possessed by a shadow demon, but something has gone wrong, the shadow demon’s image is superimposed over the mage and it seems to be moving the mage like a puppet. It holds a wizard up by its throat and is sucking the life out of the wizard, as the human dries and dessicates it life force flows into the shadow demon making it stronger and more physically present on this plane. Strands of "invisible black tendrils run from the shadow demon to all the sleeping inhabitants of the town, but Wiglaf, who holds the pass key that grants magical sight can see the strands. Nearly two dozen wizards lay on the floor near Ithnogga and another half dozen dessicated corpses are scattered about the room. A large divination circle dominates the center of the room. The party confronts Ithnogga and his minions. Wiglaf uses a cold iron blade to sever the tendrils running from the demon to the sleeping wizards and they begin to stir. The party holds their own against Ithnogga but can’t quite seem to damage without harming the wizard he possesses, but finally determine the wizard has it coming and begin to hack away. They weaken Ithnogga as Lucha tries to waken the sleeping mages that Wiglaf freed from the tendrils. The wizards begin to awake and use their magic to summon forth pure daylight in the divination hall, driving the shadow demon and leaving it weak and helpless. The wizard it possessed, Halakarun lies dying. The summoned dretch disappears and the quasit turns invisible and slips away in the chaos.

The wizards of the academy are grateful to the party for their aid, and reward them each with a magic item. The party sends word to the caravan, and Sandru brings the caravan into town as its populace awakes. The party is hailed as heroes by the townsfolk, and their association with Sandru’s caravan makes for three days of very profitable trading for the caravan.

After these three days,the caravan loads up their new trade goods and heads out towards Wolf’s Ear, arriving very late that evening. They take rooms for the night and Koya says she wants to go outside the town to observe the stars as she expects an unusual conjunction that evening. Lucha hires one of the caravan drivers to follow her and keep an eye on her just in case she runs into something dangerous, and the party goes out for a night on the town. As they return to their rooms near midnight they hear howling wolves outside the town, but think nothing of it. In the morning, Koya still hasn’t returned, and the driver Lucha hired stumbles into town, bruised and battered, claiming someone jumped him and when he awoke Koya was missing, causing murmurs among the Varisian caravan, as Koya was their fortune teller and this is a bad omen.

End Session.

The Brinewall Legacy Session Four
A Perspective from Behind the Screen

DM: Mike
Players: Alex (Henric), Amy (Lucha), Holly (Oparal), and Rick (Wiglaf)

The party has returned to Sandpoint after their adventures in the Brinestump Marsh and make final preparation to leave for Brinewall Castle with Sandru’a Caravan as they accompany Ameiko Kaijistsu as she seeks to learn more of her family legacy and follow the clues in the letter that the party recovered.

As the party leaves on the 30th of Neth, Koya remarks their departure is marked by omens as that night will be a Blue Moon, the second full moon of the month. In honor of this, the party names the caravan The Caravan of the Blue Moon. The caravan leaves Sandpoint, heading North on the Lost Coast Road. Sandru tells them their first stop will be at Windsong Abbey, and they should reach the abbey at night fall.

They arrive at the abbey, and take shelter there for the evening, planning on setting up the next day to trade. The party shares a common room provided by the Masked Abbess, and fall to sleep to the strange tunes made by the wind running through the tunnels of the Abbey. That evening, they are plagued by strange dreams of the past. Lucha, Wiglaf, and Henric wake and remember their troubling dreams, but Oparal only has a vague sense of having had bad dreams. Why she doesn’t remember is unknown, perhaps because she is an elf and their sleep is different from that of humans, or perhaps something else. All however wake feeling exhausted and out of sorts. They discuss having been plagued by dreams, but are hesitant to share the details at this point. Reluctantly they stay at the abbey another day and conduct their trade, making a small profit and rest for the night. Their nocturnal adventures are not repeated, and they wake rested and ready for the road.

They continue to travel along the Lost Coast Road, and as they travel through the foothills of the Fogscar Mountains are ambushed by a band of goblin raiders. The caravan successfully drives off the raiders, but does suffer some minor damage. At the far edge of the foothills, they camp for the evening and continue on towards Galduria the next day.

They wake to bad weather, a mix of snow and rain, but the caravan still manages good time. They are a few hours form Galduria at sunset, and decide to camp rather than press on in the dark. During the evening, a young boy enters the camp, exhausted and scared. Oparal is on watch when he arrives, and quickly wakes the others. The boy says he is from Galduria, and he spent the day wandering the countryside, trying to find his lost dog. When he finally found his dog and returned to the town, he tries to find his parents at the inn they ran, but they were asleep and he could not wake them. he tried to get help, but everyone else was asleep too, and he couldn’t wake them up either. He says that’s when he saw the monsters, and his dog started barking. His dog tried to attack the monsters, but they kept shushing him before they started clawing at them. The boy was scared and ran away, and kept running until he saw the caravan’s fires, and came to their camp. The party is fairly sure the boy is telling the truth, at least as far as he understands it. Henric tells them Galduria is the home to The Twilight Academy, a magic school with a reputation for dangerous and experimental magic, and it is possible something when wrong in one of those experiments. Sandru asks the party to check out the village in the morning as the caravan will stay camped so as not to expose it to further danger. The party agrees and after a few hours sleep they head towards Galduria.

At the town gates, they find the guards asleep and cannot wake them, verifying at least part of the boy’s tale. Concerned about the people’s ability to survive exposure to the elements for much longer, they begin dragging those sleepers outside into buildings to provide them some shelter from the winter weather. As they do so, they hear the sound of bodies being dragged a few streets over. They investigate and see a pair of monstrous creatures dragging a sleeping townsperson. They look like bloated baboons with floppy ears, big eyes, and long arms, with knuckles that drag on the ground. Henric believes they are outsiders of some sort, but cannot place their type or origin.

When the creatures see the party, they shush them, and the party makes an aggressive move towards the creatures. Wiglaf draws his sword and takes a direct approach towards them and Henric is not far behind. Oparal begins to circle around the buildings to get the drop on them and Lucha watches with interest. The creatures try to drive off the adventurers with a magical fear effect, but both Wiglaf and Henric are able to shake off the spell’s effects, bit when one of the creatures unleashes a cloud of noxious vapor, Henric is nauseated and taken out of the fight for a bit. Wiglaf engages the creatures, but his weapon is not having the usual effect on them. Lucha uses ghost sound to create the loud sound of a bell ringing, unsure why the creatures were shushing them but determined to make noise if they wanted quiet.

Wiglaf tries a cold iron wakazashi, and it has a much deadlier effect on the creatures. The creatures tear up Wiglaf pretty good, but eventually Oparal arrives and Henric recovers with Lucha’s aid, and the party defeats the creatures, even though they summoned another of their ilk. After seeing them in action, Henric determined they were dretches, low-powered demons usually in the service of someone or something else. Lucha says she heard something fly off form a rooftop during the battle, but couldn’t see anything, suggesting it may have been invisible. This makes Wiglaf and Henric think of quasits, another low-powered demon sometimes used by wizards as familiar. The party decides to catch their breath, and make their way towards the Twilight Academy to see if they can learn what is going on. Lucha makes an off-hand comment about her dream and Henric and Wiglaf realize they had the same thing in their dreams. Before going any further, they decide to share the content of their dreams form the other night at Windsong Abbey.

I will let each player post what they want of the contents of their own dream if they choose, or if they would rather, I can add the text of the dream documents I gave you to the wiki at a later date if you want me to.


Merry Christmas, all. Next session will be moved from the Monday after Christmas to Thursday so those with Boxing Day family plans can attend the next session. See you all then.

The Brinewall Legacy Session Three
A Perspective from Behind the Screen

DM: Mike
Players: Alex (Henric), Amy (Lucha), Holly (Oparal), and Rick (Wiglaf)
advancement notes: all but Oparal have advanced to second level at the start of this session, Oparal has yet to get her first XP bonus for advancing her relationship score with her chosen NPC to the next stage, which is why she is lagging behind at the beginning of the session

Following clues found in the Licktoad Village and at the two Kaijitsu shipwrecks, the party sets out to find the Brinewall Caverns after having returned to Walthus’ home to rest for the night. They trudge through the swamp uneventfully until they find the cavern entrance. Henric uses a spark spell to burn away the nettles covering their entrance and they make their way inside, leaving Walthus outside to guard the entrance along with Lucha’ pony Ogre.

Inside they stumble across the lair of a giant spider and dispatch it, burning the webs to make sure there are no more. Among the dessicated husks of the spider’s past prey they find several small animals, and a squid-like creature they identify as the corpse of a darkmantle. They continue to explore the cavern and find a crystal deposit on a small island of rock is a pool of water. As the discuss whether to cross the pool and collect the rock crystals, they are set upon by a darkmantle that drops down and attacks Lucha, but fails to grapple her. The party makes short work of the darkmantle, collects the crystals and moves on to further explore the cavern.

They find a large cavern partially filled with water and littered with a half-dozen skeletal corpses in Tien-style armor. Wiglaf examines one corpse, and decides o crush its skull. He succeeds, but in doing so animates the remaining five skeletons, who attack the party. After a quick melee, the skeletons are finally dispatched by a burst of radiant energy from Lucha.

The party moves on and discovers the skeleton of a samurai sitting atop a Tien-style chest of jade and cherry wood. The party approaches and the skeleton animates, and issues a challenge to Wiglaf, who is familiar with Tien customs of honor and moves to accept the challenge. Wiglaf has his hands full in the fight as the party moves to aid him and eventually overcomes the samurai skeleton when Oparal crushes its skull from behind with a borrowed club. The party recovers the Kaijitsu treasures, and discovers a scroll in Tien hidden in the pommel of the Samurai’s sword. Wiglaf is able to translate the missive and tells the party what it says ans suggests that they need to get this to Ameiko as soon as they can. The party agrees, and after packing up their booty, head back to Walthus to rest for the evening, before heading back to Sandpoint.

Once in Sandpoint,they go to the Rusty Dragon and find Ameiko. She is excited to hear their tale and is very interested in the note. After reading it, she nvites the party to join her for a celebratory dinner and invites her friends Koya, Sandru and Shalelu to join them. Ameiko suggests a journey to Brinewall Castle to try to discover more about her family’s history as the note hints at and it is decided that they will form a caravan to make the journey. All four PCs and the 4 major NPCs commit to going. As a thank you for recovering the note, Ameiko allows the party to keep all the recovered treasure, not just a commission on it, and the party sets to divvying up the spoils, choosing choice items as gifts for their friends. They turn in the goblin ears for their bounty, and begin to make preparations for the caravan trek.

End Session 3

The Brinewall Legacy Session Two
A Perspective from Behind the Screen

DM: Mike
Players: Alex (Henric), Amy (Lucha), Holly (Oparal) and Rick (Wiglaf)

The party spends the night in the home of Walthus Proudstump, but it is an uneasy night filled with the sounds of the swamp, the constant presence of Walthus’ snakes, and the mischief wreaked by the spirit haunting Lucha. In the morning, they head into the swamp as Walthus leads them to the first of the shipwrecks. Nothing remains except a burned out shell, but a search of the area reveals a burnt portion of the nameplate with a partial name: …jitsu Star, and a plethora of goblin tracks heading to the east, where Walthus says the Licktoad Village lies.

The party makes there way towards the second shipwreck, but while crossing one of the rivers are attacked by a crocodile. They crocodile is upon them before they can fully react, and Henric is bitten and pulled under in a death roll. He seems still and lifeless as the party dispatches of the crocodile, but begins to sputter, choke, and breath as a butterfly alight upon him, and then flies off. Surely he has been touched by Desna as he has some destiny waiting him. Lucha skins the gator, and Walthus harvests the meat for his larder.

At the second ship, Wiglaf climbs atop the wreck, and they find its nameplate intact, the Kaijistsu Blossom, but just as Wiglaf says the name Kaijitsu aloud, three skeletal forms emerge from the muck and attack the rest of the party. They are garbed in armor and armed with weapons of Tien origin. Lucha channels the power of her patron gods and spirits and a wave of purifying light destroys these undead monstrosities.

They find the ship has been looted, and the tracks seem to head back towards the Licktoad Village. After Walthus prepares a meal of croc kabobs with veggies, they decide to head back to Walthus’ home and seek out the goblin village the next day. When they arrive at Walthus’ cottage, they find a watery footprint on the porch, which they recognize as being similar ot that they found on a bridge the previous day. Walthus tells them it belongs to the Soggy River Monster, and he has seen the prints before. Wiglaf leads a search of the house, but no sign of an intruder or any forced entry was found. They eat and retire for the evening.

In the morning Walthus leads them to the abandoned palisades that the Licktoads built their village in. Walthus chooses to remain outside, but Wiglaf boldly leads the party inside the pallisades through a ruined gate, and they soon discover a small group of goblins in a watchtower. A second group of goblins joins the fray, but the party manages to make quick work of both groups. They hear a number of goblins scurrying about and hear a banging and cries in goblinish. Lucha translates for the party-they seem to be calling to someone named Gutwad to let them in. Lucha tells them Scribbleface mentioned Gutwad as being the Licktoad chief. Wiglaf leads a charge against these goblins who are gathered in front of a barred door. At the sight of the party, the goblins scream and scatter trying to escape, leaping off the elevated walkway. Many escape, but a few manage to break legs in the fall and lie in pain on the ground.

Lucha tires to bluff their way inside, but Oparal manages to lift the bar. The party confronts chief Gutwad and his three remaining bodyguards, and emerge victorious. They gather what spoils they can, but clues found including a crude map, tracks, and the accounts of the fallen goblins they interrogated before sanctioning them, fill them in on what happened-they looted treasure from the Kaijitsu Star but the dead rose up to reclaim the treasure, and all indicators point to a series of caverns as the lair of the undead and where the Kaijitsu treasure has been taken. Wanting to fulfill their promise to Ameiko, they decide to head out for the caverns.


Sandpoint Chronicles Vol. 1 #2
All the News That's Fit to Print and Then Some

Sandpoint Chronicles

Vol. 1 No. 2

I got a nose for news-Harry Butternose

Vhiski Caravan Attacked on Road From Magnimar

Caravan Operator Sandru Vhiski confirms his caravan was assaulted by a band of rabid firework brandishing goblins on the Lost Coast Road. Vhiski commented that it was lucky he had a number of capable caravan guards with him, and that they killed or drove off the goblin horde. This reporter has confirmed that the Vhiski guards collected a bounty for six goblins from Sheriff Hemlock upon their return. Local hero Shalelu Andosana was spotted returning to Sandpoint in the company of the Vhiski caravan, and this reporter believes she was instrumental in driving off a much larger goblin horde, but that authorities are keeping mum on this growing goblin army to keep panic from spreading throughout Sandpoint. This reporter has confirmed that Sheriff Hemlock himself has gone to Magnimar himself to seek reinforcements against this growing goblin menace. If the goblins are menacing Sandpoint again, one can only wonder what kind of troubles are following in their wake this time. The Chronicle will keep you abreast of all the developments in this area of concern, so stay tuned and keep reading.

Marshes Target of Goblin Sweeps

This reporter has learned that at least two expeditions into the Brinsetump Marshes have been sanctioned by town authorities to sweep out the pesky goblins who lurk in the swamp’s reaches. Rumor has it that the first expedition was unprepared for the massive goblin horde it found and met with disaster. The second expedition is said to consist of veteran goblin fighters and may be lead by the Vhiski guards who dealt the goblins a devastating blow on the Lost Coast Road. More details when I get them, keep reading.

Around Town With Harry Butternose

Hope Like Love Springs Eternal

It seems Ameiko Kajitsu has a new suitor. Strapping Ulfen Wiglaf the Wanderer, a newcomer to town was seen trying to woo the Tien beauty with an extravagent gift at the Rusty Dragon a few evenings ago. The gift seemed well-received, but this reprter has ot wonder if this will be just the latest addition to the long line of broken hearted suitors weeping in the gutters of Sandpoint that Ameiko has left in her wake. May Shelyn protect poor Wiglaf’s fragile heart.

Demon Haunted Child

This reporter witnessed the most amazing site, it seems one of our townsfolk, Lucha Rhysdottir is in possession of a demon haunted stick. This reporter saw the stick fly across the Rusty Dragon on several occasions without any cause and witnessed Lucha and others yelling at the stick to stop being so contrary. I did not see the stick answer back but it did seem to waver menacingly at times and I did not want to get too close, I still have bad memories of being whacked by the last demon haunted stick I encountered.

Well that’s it for this edition of the Chronicles. Stay tuned as my nose will turn up more news soon.
-Harry Butternose


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